Thursday, 30 November 2017

Street Muses...Timex Navi Harbor Divers Watch

Timex Navi Harbor Divers Watch.

I've always had an affinity for Timex as my 1st timepiece was a Timex Military inspired watch as a little boy, which I got for Christmas. Timex were called The Waterbury Clock Company at the turn of the last century manufacturing pocket watches. Until they were rebranded in the 1940s with their eponymous name which they are known for today. By the time of the WWI they were commissioned to produce military watches for the Artillery gunners that were fitted with lugs and that had painted luminescent hands and numbers, so they could be read at night. Hence this was one of the 1st incarnation of the wristwatch. Due to their accuracy, robustness and affordability they become one of  the biggest watch manufacturers in the world.

Now Timex has released their latest Archive Collection part the Pioneers Range. They have created a collection for those true watch enthusiasts. Taking inspiration from their archives. My Favourite is the Navi Harbor Divers Watch. It's an iconic piece taking it's reference from the old Divers Watches from the 1950s. It has a beautiful quartz movement which is extremely accurate and has great painted lume indices. I customised this watch with a change of the initial strap for a Nato 007 strap. I think the red in the strap makes the 24 hour display really pop.

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